Wyoming Tax Liens

Sale Type: Tax Lien Certificates
 Interest Rate: 15% + 3% Penalty
 Bidding Method: Random Selection
 Redemption Period: 4 Years
 Typical Sale Period: Summer
 State Statute(s): Title 39, Ch 13
 State Website: wyoming.gov
 Wyoming Resource: http://www.wyo-wcca.org

Wyoming State Overview:

The county sheriff prepares a list of tax delinquent properties for that year, and will then conduct the county auction. The purchaser will receive an interest rate of 15% annually, with a 3% penalty added to the original redemption amount for the first year. The sheriff will then send a certified letter to the last recorded address of the owner, and any other financially interested parties. They then have the right to come forth and pay off the taxes insuring you of your initial investment plus interest in return. The county publishes the tax sale list in a local newspaper (different newspapers for each county) three to six weeks prior to the tax lien sales. The property owner has up to the day before the auction to pay the delinquent taxes along with any penalties and fees that have been incurred. If the taxes go unpaid, the county will sell the tax lien certificate at the auction. If the property owner does not pay the next year’s taxes and you are the certificate owner, the county will send you a bill offering subsequent taxes to you; this allows you to be the owner of the next years tax lien also. The property owner has up to four years to redeem his or her property with each year accruing 15% interest. If it is not redeemed within the four years time allowed then the tax lien holders takes ownership of the property. This is done by filing for the deed which must be done no later than six years after the purchase of the tax lien. If there are more than one tax lien holder for the same piece of property, then the one filing for the deed must satisfy all other tax lien holders’ tax lien certificates. Wyoming has a smaller population than most places which makes it a good place to invest because there tends to be less competition.

Wyoming offers a 15% rate of return on Tax Lien Certificates. Investors are also guaranteed a 3% minimum return on properties that are redeemed within the first year.  The primary bidding method used at Wyoming Tax Sales is rotational bidding.  Each investor’s name is place in a pot; after which all names are randomly chosen.  When an investor’s name is chosen he or she can purchase the tax lien certificate or pass.

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