Georgia Redemption Deeds

Sale Type: Hybrid Tax Deeds
 Interest Rate: 20% Penalty for 1st year and 1% per month thereafter
 Bid Method: Premium Bid
 Redemption Period: 1 Year
 Sale Date(s): Varies by County
 Statute Section(s): Title 48 Chapter 3,4
 Over-the-Counter: No
 State Website:

Georgia State Overview

In Georgia, tax sales are very similar to those in a tax lien state. The county tax commissioner oversees the sale which is an oral public auction. Tax deeds that are sold in Georgia are purchased with a one year redemption period. A penalty rate of 20% is applied to the redemption of all tax deeds. The property owner has a twelve month period to pay all delinquent taxes, interest, penalties and fees if they choose to redeem the property, if failed to do so, the investor may begin the process of terminating redemption rights. This process is required to be performed by the investor. Following the redemption period the investor is required to send out certified letters to the last recorded address of the owner and any other party with interest in the property. Upon foreclosure the investor is required to run a foreclosure notification in the local newspaper for 4 consecutive weeks prior to the redemption deadline.

Georgia has a 20% penalty rate that is applied for the first year. An additional 20% penalty is applied to the property that is redeemed within 4 weeks following the one year redemption period. There also is a 20% penalty attached if the redemption is made after a public notice has been given. Investors can receive a possible return rate of 60% with the right circumstances upon redemption.

Georgia uses the Premium Bid method. The county’s starting bid will include all back taxes, penalties, interest, and administrative costs. The investor who bids the highest amount will receive the deed to the property.

In Georgia, the tax collector or treasurer will sell hybrid tax deeds to the winning bidders at the delinquent property tax sale.

  • Tax Sale Type: Hybrid Tax Deed (Sec. 48-4-1).
  • Contact: Tax collector or tax commissioner (Sec. 48-4-3).
  • Interest Rate and/or Penalty Rate: 20% penalty of the amount for the first year or fraction of a year and 10% penalty for each year or fraction of a year thereafter(Sec. 48-4-42)
  • Bid Procedure: Premium bid (Sec. 48-4-2 ).
  • Redemption Period: One year (Sec. 48-4-40).
  • Law: Official Code of Georgia, Title 48, Chapter 3, “Tax Executions,” and Chapter 4, “Tax Sales.”

NOTE: According to (Sec. 48-4-45) once the 12 month redemption has expired, the investor must take immediate action to terminate the owners right to redeem.

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