Oklahoma Tax Deeds

Sale Type: Tax Deed
 Interest Rate: N/A
 Bid Method: Highest Bidder
 Redemption Period: N/A
 Sale Date(s): June
 State Statute(s): Title 68 Article 31
 Over-the-Counter: Yes
 State Website: https://www.ok.gov/

Oklahoma State Overview

Oklahoma county treasurer’s and tax collector’s sell tax lien certificates to the winning bidder at the delinquent property tax sale. In addition, Oklahoma sells tax deeds.

  • Tax Sale Type: Tax Lien Certificate (68-3111) and Tax Deed (68-3135).
  • Contact: The County Treasurer. (Sec. 68-3108 (A)).
  • Interest Rate and/or Penalty Rate: 8% per annum. (Sec. 68-3113).
  • Bid Procedure: Random selection or ‘impartial drawing’. (Sec. 68-3108 (A)).
  • Redemption Period: Two (2) years. (Sec. 68-3117 (b)).
  • Law: Title 68, Article 31, “Delinquent Taxes and Collection.”
  • Multiple Tax Sales: As far as Oklahoma is concerned, at 8% per annum it doesn’t provide the biggest rate of return. However, it does keep the competition down.

The Oklahoma tax sale process can be a bit confusing. First you should know that Oklahoma has three tax sales; tax sales, resales, and county commissioner’s sales.

The “Tax Sale” is held each year on the first Monday in October (Sec. 68-3107). The winning bidder receives a tax lien certificate which draws interest at 8% per annum subject to a 2 year redemption period.

Any tax lien not sold at the “Tax Sale” is assigned to the county and can be purchased over the counter anytime prior to the expiration of the 2 year redemption period (Sec. 68-3108).

The “Resale” or second buying opportunity includes properties which remain unredeemed for a period of two years from the date of the sale…” (Sec. 68-3125) and occurs the second Monday of June each year. The winning bidder will receive a treasurers or tax deed. Any property not sold at the “Resale” will be struck off to the county.

The “County Commissioners Sale” or third buying opportunity includes properties not sold at either the “tax sale” or the “resale”. At the county commissioner sale “Properties are sold by the treasurer at a price approved by the county commissioners” (Sec. 68-3135).

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