Ohio Tax Deeds

Sale Type: Tax Lien and Tax Deed
 Interest Rate: 18%
 Bid Method: Premium Bid, Bulk Bid
 Redemption Period: 1 Year
 Sale Date(s): Deeds all year around. Liens annually.
 State Statute(s): Title 57 CH 5721, 5723
 Over-the-Counter: No
 State Website: http://www.ohio.gov/

Ohio State Overview

Ohio is a hybrid state because some counties hold tax lien sales, and many others hold tax deed foreclosure auctions. Counties with a high enough population are ‘allowed’ to sell tax lien certificates, while the remainder of counties are limited to tax deeds. Bulk tax lien certificate auctions in Ohio happen once a year.

Starting bid of tax deed properties will be at least two thirds of the property value. Still a great deal, of course with tax sales we can be picky when we want to, right?

The tax deed foreclosure auctions in Ohio counties are lumped in with the sheriff sales.  It is not uncommon to see sheriff sales happening every week in many of the deed counties of Ohio. Many of these sheriff sales will include at least a few tax foreclosure properties mingled in with all the other mortgage foreclosure properties. Some lists specify which properties belong to which group, some lists don’t.

Look for lien certificate auctions in Franklin County (Columbus), Cuyahoga County (Cleveland), and Hamilton County (Cincinnati).

Ohio is unique in that it offers both tax lien certificates and tax deeds. For tax lien certificates, investors can get yields as high as 18% per annum with a one year right of redemption. Tax Deeds are sold to the bidder with the highest bid.

  • Tax Sale Type: Tax Deed Sale (Sec. 5721.19) and Tax Lien Certificates (see notes) (Sec. 5721.31).
  • Contact: The County Treasurer. (Sec. 5721.31).
  • Interest Rate and/or Penalty Rate: 18% per annum (for tax lien certificates). (Sec. 5721.32 (C)).
  • Bid Procedure: Premium bid / highest bid (tax deeds). (Sec. 5721.19). Bid down interest rate (tax lien certificates). (Sec. 5721.32 (C)).
  • Redemption Period: One (1) year. (Sec. 5721.37 (A)(1)).
  • Law: Ohio Revised Code, Title 57, Chapter 5721, “Delinquent Lands,” and Chapter 5723, “Forfeited Lands.”
  • Tax Lien Certificate Sales: According to (Sec. 5721.31) ‘Counties having a population of at least 200,000, may collect delinquent taxes by selling tax lien certificates at public auction‘.

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