4 06, 2020

North Dakota Tax Deeds

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North Dakota Tax Deeds  Sale Type:  -  Interest Rate:  -  Bid Method:  -  Redemption Period:  -  Sale Date(s):  -  State Statute(s):  -  Over-the-Counter:  -  State Website:  - North Dakota State Overview 

28 04, 2016

District of Columbia (D.C)

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District of Columbia Tax Liens  Sale Type:  Tax Lien Certificates  Interest Rate:  18%  Bid Method:  Premium Bid  Redemption Period:  6 Months  Sale Date(s):  July  State Statute  Title42 Chapter42  Over-the-Counter:  Yes (Secondary Auction)  State Website:   http:dc.gov District of [...]

11 09, 2015

Massachusetts Redemption Deeds

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Massachusetts Redemption Deeds Sale Type: Redeemable Tax Deed Interest Penalty: 16% Bid Method: Varies Redemption Period: 6 Months Statute Section(s):  General Laws Section 62 Over-the-Counter: No State Website:  http://www.mass.gov/portal/ Tax sales in Massachusetts done via "taking" sales. The [...]

11 09, 2015

New Hampshire Deeds

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Sale Type: Tax Deed Bid Method: Bidding Premium Sale Date(s): Varies State Statute(s): Title V, CH 80 Over-the-Counter: www.nh.gov Sales are held at public oral auction. The auction times are determined by the local tax collector. It will be advertised [...]

11 09, 2015

North Dakota Deeds

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 Sale Type:  Tax Deed  Interest Rate:  N/A  Bid Method:  Premium Bid  Redemption Period:  N/A  Sale Date(s):  November  State Statute(s):  T57C28  Over-the-Counter:  Yes  State Website:  nd.gov In North Dakota, the tax collector or treasurer will sell tax deeds to the winning [...]

11 09, 2015

Vermont Tax Liens

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Vermont Tax Liens  Sale Type:  Tax Lien Certificates  Interest Rate:  12% APR  Bid Method:  Premium Bid  Redemption Period:  2 Years  Sale Date(s):  Varies  State Statute(s): Title 32, CH 133  Over-the-Counter:  No  State Website: vermont.gov Vermont State Overview In [...]

16 10, 2014

South Dakota Tax Liens

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 Sale Type:  Tax Deed  Interest Rate:  N/A  Bid Method:  Premium Bid  Redemption Period:  N/A  Sale Date(s):  December  State Statute(s):  Title 10  Over-the-Counter:  N/A  State Website:  sd.gov South Dakota State Overview In South Dakota, tax collector's sell tax lien certificates to [...]

16 10, 2014

West Virginia Tax Liens

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West Virginia Tax Liens  Sale Type:  Tax Lien Certificates/Tax Deed/OTC Deed  Interest Rate:  12% APR  Bid Method:  Premium Bid  Redemption Period:  18 Months  Sale Date(s):  July-September  State Statute(s):  Sections 40-10-1 through 40-10-198, Articles 1-7  Over-the-Counter:  Yes  State Website: [...]

24 09, 2014

Texas Redemption Deeds

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Texas Redemption Deeds  Sale Type:  Redeemable Tax Deed  Interest Penalty:  25% Penalty per 6 Month Period  Bid Method:  Premium Bid  Redemption Period:  6 Months or 2 Years  Sale Date(s):  First Tuesday of Every Month  Statute Section(s):  Ch 34, [...]

24 09, 2014

Hawaii Redemption Deeds

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Hawaii Redemption Deeds  Sale Type:  Redemption Tax Deeds  Interest Rate:  12%  Bid Method:  Premium Bid  Redemption Period:  1 Year  Sale Date(s):  Infrequent  Statute Section(s):  Title 14, CH 246  Over-the-Counter:  No  State Website:  www.ehawaii.gov Hawaii State Overview Tax sales [...]

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