Mississippi Tax Deeds

 Sale Type: Tax Lien and Tax Deed
 Interest Rate: 18% APR
 Bid Method: Highest Bidder
 Redemption Period:     2 Years
 Sale Date(s): April and August
 State Statute(s): Title 27
 Over-the-Counter: Yes
 State Website: http://www.mississippi.gov/

Mississippi State Overview

In Mississippi, county treasurer’s and tax collector’s sell tax lien certificates to the winning bidder at the delinquent property tax sales.

  • Tax Sale Type: Tax Lien Certificate. (Sec. 27-41-55).
  • Contact: Tax Colector. (Sec. 27-41-47).
  • Interest Rate and/or Penalty Rate: 18% per annum and 5% penalty. (Sec. 27-45-3).
  • Bid Procedure: Premium bid / highest bid. (Sec. 27-41-59).
  • Redemption Period: Two (2) years. (Sec. 27-45-3).
  • Law: Mississippi Code, Title 27, Chapter 41, “Ad Valorem Taxes — Collection”, Chapter 45, “Ad Valorem Taxes — Redemption of Land Sold for Taxes,” and Chapter 47, “Ad Valorem Taxes — Assignment of Tax Liens.”
  • Important. According to (Sec. 27-41-77) the overbid does not draw interest. Furthermore, the overbid will not be returned upon redemption and “shall be credited to the county general fund”.

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