Coming Soon: The Tax Lien ABCs Series

We’re launching a new series focused on tax lien investing: “Tax Lien ABCs.” 

This series will cover everything from the basics to the finer points of tax lien investing, designed to give you a solid grounding and enhance your investing skills.

If you’re in the market for a step-by-step, A-Z crash course on everything you need to know about tax liens, then this is for you.

Here’s a slice of what to expect: 

  1. B for Bidding: You’ll get to know the bidding process. The types. The process. Tips that give you the edge. 
  1. C for Collection: After winning a bid, what comes next? We’ll explore the collection process, detailing what you can expect and how to prepare.
  1. D for Due Diligence: We’ll show you how to do proper due diligence when researching properties to ensure you’re making informed (and profitable) decisions.
  1. J for Jurisdiction: We’ll talk about how tax lien laws and procedures vary by jurisdiction—that is, from county to county and state to state. 

Stay tuned!

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