Identify Auctions

Finding the right auctions is a crucial step in tax lien investing. These auctions can be in-person or online. A simple internet search of tax lien/deed auctions will lead to common websites such as,,, and 

Here’s a guide on how to identify tax lien auctions in your target area:

Contact Local Government Offices:

  • Reach out to the county treasurer’s office or tax collector’s office in the area where you want to invest. These offices typically handle the sale of tax liens and can provide information on upcoming auctions.

Check Government Websites:

  • Many local governments publish information about tax lien auctions on their official websites. Look for a section related to property taxes, and you may find details about upcoming auctions, including dates, times, and locations.

Newspaper Listings:

  • Many jurisdictions still advertise tax lien auctions in local newspapers. Check legal notices or public announcements sections for information about upcoming sales.

Online Auction Platforms:

  • Many tax lien auctions have moved online. Explore websites or platforms that specialize in hosting these auctions (see above). The rules and processes for online auctions may differ, so familiarize yourself with the platform’s guidelines.

Real Estate Investment Groups:

  • Join local real estate investment groups or forums. Fellow investors may share information about upcoming tax lien auctions, providing valuable insights and tips. Facebook marketplace / LinkedIn is a great place to start.

Attend Local Government Meetings:

  • Some jurisdictions announce tax lien sales during local government meetings. Attend city council or county commissioner meetings to stay informed about upcoming auctions.

Networking with Professionals:

  • Connect with the area’s real estate agents, attorneys, or tax professionals. They often know of local tax lien auctions and can guide you on where to find relevant information.

Property Tax Records:

  • Explore property tax records, which are public information. These records may indicate properties with overdue taxes, giving you insights into potential upcoming auctions. Records can be found on the county tax collector websites under “delinquent tax info.”

Third-Party Services:

  • Some third-party services aggregate information about tax lien auctions across different jurisdictions. These services may provide a convenient way to access auction details for multiple areas. Examples include local law firms, which can be found with a simple Google search.

Stay Updated:

  • Tax lien auction schedules can change, so it’s crucial to stay updated. Subscribe to newsletters, join online forums, or set up alerts to receive timely information about upcoming auctions. Visit the auction websites listed above to find this info.

By utilizing a combination of these strategies, you can identify tax lien auctions in your target area, whether they are conducted in-person or online. Being proactive and staying informed will give you a competitive edge in the tax lien investing landscape.

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